About Us

Do you want to reclaim your life?

Have you been subjected to bullying by friends at school and neighborhood just because you do not confine to their idea of normal? Do you find that you are on the higher side of the weighing scale when you compare boys and girls your age? Do you feel any kind of shame or embarrassment when someone tells you that you are exceptionally big or heavy?

Why should you bring such kids to us?

We are one of a kind institute in the whole of the country dedicated to the mental health of students and children in general who suffer psychological trauma because of weight. It includes both underweight and overweight. We have the necessary knowledge to make them not only come back to the best size that they must be at their age but also be able to give them counseling so that they are able to come out of the trauma that they are facing in their day to day lives.

Contact us:

These children are very prone to depression. If you see someone who needs to be counseled immediately, call us on the hotline given at the bottom of this screen. We work as anon profit organisation only with the motive of preventing child suicides and those that can degenerate into lonely drunk tramps.