IPHONE UNMy Journey From Fat To Fit

I was bullied for being overweight:

When I was in high school, I seemed to have put on a lot of weight on myself. My parents were both normal sized and it was worrying to them because I was not eating anything that could help me put on so much weight. actually, my family was not into eating out or ordering food from outside and my mum and dad took turns to cook a wholesome meal all three times in a dy. Occasionally we did go out but that was only if we were celebrating a birthday or an anniversary or when we were invited to someone’s place. So, you see it was slightly alarming to my parents when at ten years my weight from 55 pounds shot up to a whopping 100 pounds.

Doctors were consulted:

Frantic visits at the doctors and several physiological tests later it was revealed that I had a genetic influence from my paternal side where I would have be prone to putting on lots of weight and without actually being able to take in so much calories. The condition was very rare and it affects only one in a thousand in the world.

The rarity of the condition made it quite difficult to diagnose initially:

The diagnosis was hard and in fact the first few doctors that were consulted said there was nothing abnormal in my reports but somehow I kept gaining a lot of weight. Then I read a lot about such syndromes on the internet and did self-diagnoses because the ten prerequisites of the condition matched all that I was suffering.

Life was tough:

I hated going out and going to school because I was teased and made fun of and almost invariable the butt of all the jokes. I wanted to discontinue going to school and had one point of time shut out from the world. I used to spend days I my room behind shut doors and at some instances even considered suicide!|

Going was only getting tougher:

Home schooling happened but I could not concentrate much and wasted a lot of potentially productive time doing nothing but whining in bed and cribbing about the loads of fat that was now beginning to grow on me.

Vancouver, BC

One day it just happened:

I was watching a football match on the television and I wondered to myself if I could even kick a ball to goal. This thought had no longer crossed y mind when I got up and went to the front door and looked out. The garden outside and the small lake beyond were inviting. I didn’t see many people that time of the day and quietly wore my crocs and slipped away to go near the water.

There was strange energy around me:

That day when I had walked out in the open and under the sunlight, I felt a strange connect with the outdoor space and trees and the water and everything that there was. I kept asking myself as to when the last time was that I had enjoyed nature with such an open mind. It was probably providence working on me and the prayers of my mother who un-daunting prayed to Christ to help me overcome my health issues or if that was not possible then to help me cope with the problems in a positive manner.

I decided that it was time for me to get my act together:

Dinner that evening saw me come out and join my family at the table and to everybody’s surprise, my mum’s especially I was a very good natured boy who had the best of jokes to say at the table. I could see the contentment and satisfaction on my mummy’s face and there was nothing that I wanted to trade that with. She had sacrificed so much for me that I could no longer bear to see even a frown on her face.

I got to work:

I learnt more about the condition, starting on medication and also simultaneously started exercising. I went to a good fitness trainer who promised to help me even at home. I tried strength building and even did weight training. The results were fantastic. I was gaining a lot of confidence from my results and I vowed to myself to enter the college with a great sense of pride and accomplishment that I did! If you have ever been disheartened by any experiences in life, hear me here. There is nothing that can break you up. You need to be up and against anything that brings you down or threatens to bring you down. Life may be difficult but it is definitely not impossible to live!